Saturday, January 30, 2010

HGTV...or not.

Ew. Future Husband and I took a break from piling everything we own in the living room and ended up watching HGTV. And it really makes me wonder...who are the people working on this show??? We started out watching Jamie Durie...which was actually interesting. He's good. But then we started watching this. HORRIBLE! Basically, Colour Confidential revamps a certain room or scheme within a house and the owners will occasionally guide the color selection. But ew. People are designers/stylists for a reason. Because they're good at what they do. If someone volunteers for a show, it's usually because they can't do it themselves or don't want to. But this show doesn't help! I know I veer towards neutrals and splashes of color and that not everyone is the same, but this show veers toward VERY bold colors that didn't really mesh well (brick red and yellow) - and the people on the show weren't really sure of it all either. All in all, people should NOT be taking color advice from the show and trying to implement it themselves.

Maybe it was just those couple shows that we watched. I'd give it another shot. But I'm very wary.

Off to dismantle the bed. Only a couple more days of mess and then we'll be settled in the new apartment!

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  1. Happy Moving Day! It's work, but fun and it will all pull together!