Sunday, January 23, 2011

Restaurant Week: Dinner at J&G Steakhouse

Restaurant week, in my opinion, is a great time.

I try to go to a couple different restaurants each restaurant week - this month, it's J&G Steakhouse at the W and Adour at the St. Regis. (I also tried Zaytinya for lunch with some co-workers - long story short, it was delicious but not my favorite.)

So Steve and I went to J&G Steakhouse last Friday night. I'm already a fan of POV, the rooftop bar at the W - it has great views of the city and great cocktails.

I started with butternut squash soup (and so did Steve). It was fantastic - light and creamy with the taste of the squash without being too heavy (like a puree). Topped with a few cubes of squash and mushrooms (chanterelles maybe? I forgot to ask). Heavenly.

I have been dreaming of this soup since Friday night. Might also be because I'm sick and want soup. Either way - it's fantastic.

Next up for me was seared cod with a spicy scallion-chili sauce. Our waiter warned me that it was pretty spicy and I kind of brushed him off because I love spicy food (and a lot of times don't really believe people when they say it's spicy). But wow. It definitely had a lot of heat. The cod was perfectly cooked but the sauce definitely stole the show.

I didn't get a picture of Steve's braised short ribs with crispy potatoes and spinach. That disappeared pretty quickly. I did get a bite though - the meat was tender and juicy and practically fell apart. I want to recreate it at home sometime.

For dessert we both ordered the apple crisp with cinnamon ice cream. The apples were tart, the crumble on top added the perfect crunch, and the ice cream added just enough sweetness to counteract the green apples. I wish there had been a bit more ice cream, but all in all it was a great way to finish the evening. Definitely didn't get a picture of the crisp either...

The only downside to going to J&G during restaurant week was that they had a very restricted menu - two items for each course.

That said, my meal was fantastic and I'll definitely be going back to try the regular menu. I just hope they keep that soup on the menu!

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  1. I WANT THAT SOUP NOW! Also, the rest looks really good. Great post!