Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One whole year!

One year (and a few days) ago, this happened:

What a fantastic day. Celebrating our marriage with family and friends. Great food, wine and dancing. Fantastic and touching toasts. My brother doing the EXACT choreography from Indian Thriller on the dance floor. One of Steve's friends doing the worm on the dance floor.  Steve getting mobbed by his groomsmen and friends on the dance floor. One of the bartenders getting fired for acting a bit too much like a guest (complete with photos). One of Steve's friends faceplanting off a ledge and staying out to party after the wedding. Going from bar to bar to try to find one that stayed open past 11 on a Saturday night (seriously, Riverwalk??). Finding out later that a few of our friends demolished a 100-piece McDonald's mcnugget box after the reception.

Yep. 100 nuggets. Split between 5 or 6 friends.

Best night of my life!

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