Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things are coming together!

So now that things have kind of settled down I can finally post pictures of the new apartment. While taking these pictures, I've discovered that not only do I need a digital SLR but also Photoshop. Like whoa. I'd love to be able to even out my photos and calm them down a bit (my camera's flash can be a bit overzealous...). But one thing at a time. Digital SLR can wait (I guess).

But on to the photos! We'll start with the living room...


With stuff!


Those bookshelves were quite a project to organize and put together and I'm still not satisfied with their organization. They could be better. Maybe when the DVDs go to the soon-to-be-purchased media console. This is how they ended up:


We'll eventually replace the mismatched sofas with matching Buchanan sofas from Pottery Barn...

(Pottery Barn photo)

The media console will go on the far wall (that is so horrifically stark white and glaringly empty right now). The slipper chair will probably have to find a new home, but we'll see.

Dining room time! This is it empty...


And with furniture...


Current plan is to hang this mirror on that wall...

(West Elm image)

From the dining room/living room area, you can wander out the door to the patio...


The green planter was home to a beautiful peace lily that winter killed (or I did because I'm a bad plant mom and forgot to water it and/or bring it in from the cold. Doesn't bode well for my children.). Future Husband and I are going to try to stain an Ikea kitchen cart we have and weatherproof it so we can use it as an outdoor bar/serving area. Who knows if it'll work or not! But I think we're going to shoot for an outdoor living room-type area on the uncovered portion of the patio - maybe a bench, a couple chairs and a coffee table.

Moving on to the kitchen...


To the right, there's a small-ish breakfast area. We're putting a kitchen buffet/hutch combination in there but it leaves an awkward space...really too small for a 2-person breakfast table, but too big to just leave empty. Don't really know what to do with it.
Guest bedroom/office is up next...



The desk will go where all those lovely neat piles of stuff are (it's on backorder until March...ugh).
I'll save master bedroom pictures until we get our bedroom furniture in from Crate and Barrel...right now it looks like a college student's house (mattress and box spring on the floor and TV/cable box cords everywhere).

I'm always open to decorating/design ideas, so let me know if you have any suggestions! :)
Happy almost Friday!


  1. carrie, your new home is gorgeous! i am insanely jealous of that patio you guys have. you guys are super brave for doing a move in the middle of wedding planning! but you guys just moved to another place in your building right? so it was manageable. and the best part about it is that after you guys are married, you'll have your nest already all done! yay! congrats on the new place :)

  2. Try holding a layer of tissue in front of your flash when you take a picture. A photographer friend suggested this.

  3. Thanks Britt! We figured it'd be easier to move now than try to do it after the we found this apartment! And yeah, it's in the same building. So it was a relatively easy move. Can't wait to see you guys in just a couple months! AND in July!!! :)

    And thanks for the idea Mom - I'll have to try that. I hadn't even thought of that!