Friday, February 5, 2010

Things I'm Coveting Right Now...

I know, I know. You're not supposed to covet anything. With that said, here we go...

1. My new West Elm vases. Simple, white, clean lines...right up my alley (and thankfully up Future Husband's too). They were on sale online (AND had free shipping to boot) so we got 3 of them. Well, one of them is an icy blue. The color was too pretty to resist. We got the "egg" (the little egg-shaped one in the bottom left of the photo) in white and the blue. And then we got the one directly to the right of it that's more of a traditional vase shape. To round out the white vase trio, I think we'll get the jug - the one behind the two we already purchased.

(West Elm image)

2. Google Reader. What's better than one site that can deliver all of your favorite blogs' posts??? I can't get enough. It's like I'm on apartment decorating crack. I'm sure it'll only get worse when Future Husband and I actually buy a townhouse or house house. Then we'll throw paint, light fixtures, appliances (oh, how I ache for a subzero freezer and giant washer and dryer) and all that into the mix. But Google Reader is seriously amazing. Only down side? I don't get to stumble upon other wonderful blogs quite as much while perusing my current favorites.

3. Decor de Provence's house. Nothing is more heavenly than a beautiful home filled with all shades of greens and blues and anywhere in between. And in such an understated, harmonious way. Normally when someone picks a color to decorate with, you see a giant turquoise wall or bright rug. Instead, Decor de Provence brought it into her house with tile, chairs in the kitchen, a chest in the's perfect. My ideal way to bring such beautiful colors into a home. Decor de Provence, want to come decorate my apartment? Go to her blog or to House of Turquoise, which posted pictures of Desiree's lovely lovely home.

4. Blogs - from everywhere. Design*Sponge, Decor8, DC by Design, My Notting Hill, Absolutely Beautiful Things, Belgian Pearls, Decor de Provence, Architect Design, Cote de Texas, Pretty Lovely Things, Bakerella, Mommy Wants Vodka, The Bowie Bride, The Hard G, One Hungry Chef...the list goes on and on. I would link them all but I'm feeling lazy right now. Could be the Maker's neat that I'm drinking right now since Future Husband and I got let out of work early due to the impending apocalyptic snow storm.

5. Ever since Cote de Texas did a French Basketeer rolling basket giveaway (which I was woefully too late for), I have SERIOUSLY been jonesing for one of the French bags made by the same company. Here's Cote de Texas' post on the basket. And here is a picture of the bag I have been hemming and hawing about purchasing for the last couple weeks.

(French Basketeer image)

How wonderful would it be to take to the farmers' market on Saturday mornings, run errands with and just use as a great accessory??? Sigh. The reason I'm resisting the urge to whip out my credit card is because it's been pulled out quite a lot for the new apartment and is feeling a bit abused. So I'll refrain from purchasing that beautiful bag...maybe until the honeymoon. Or until tomorrow (because now it's on my mind again).

Happy Friday to all and, if you're on the eastern side of the US, stay home and stay warm! The snowpocalypse has begun!

Carrie :)

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