Tuesday, February 9, 2010

S'now joke...

So, we've been snowed in for about 5 days - going on our third day off of work (well, three and a half if you include the 4-hour early dismissal on Friday). Every night has been like the night before Christmas - open? Closed? Open? Closed? We monitored all kinds of web sites (some that crashed)...OPM was a trending topic on Twitter and the OPM site that published the status of the federal government consistently crashed throughout each evening. And finding out that we were closed and that we had yet another snow day was like we had just won Oscars (or a million dollars).

Break out the bubbly...we're closed again!

So we celebrated with a little champagne and a little butter cake frosted with buttercream frosting. YUM.


Nothing better than buttercream frosting. That's what we're using for our wedding cake and after the little tastes I got of it back in October and just now, I am REALLY confident in our decision to go buttercream. So so so delicious. And so easy to make! I made Donna Hay's butter cream frosting - and here's the recipe.

Donna Hay's buttercream frosting
1 cup confectioner's sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
8 ounces of softened butter


Combine in a mixer and go to town! Of course, slather it on a cooled cake and then refrigerate until it's set. I was too impatient to do that, so my frosting was a little liquidy and not set (but still tasted good).

I've burned through all of the butter, milk, eggs and sugar in the apartment, and we're almost out of flour too. Things are getting desperate! Thankfully, Future Husband found milk at the market...

Meanwhile, I've been working my way through my list of things to do so I keep on some sort of a routine...sort of. I've done some wedding stuff, some apartment stuff and I've definitely been lazy. I think I've read to the end of the internet and back again. Google Reader has been my lifesaver these last few days...that and the pictures the WashPo has been posting online from "Snowmageddon." Have to say it - I'm REALLY lucky to live in an apartment building. We didn't shovel anything, didn't lose power, didn't have to drive anywhere to get groceries...

However - metro did fail us at the height of the snowstorm. We went to dinner at a couple friends' apartment and stayed long past the announced metro closing time (which was four hours earlier than normal). So what did we do? We walked the two miles home - mostly in the road since there weren't any cars out and we couldn't even tell where the sidewalks were. Totally worth it for the company and delicious dinner!

On a sad note...my camera didn't fare so well in the winter weather and is now dead. So all of the photos I'm taking now are on my BlackBerry. NOT the best quality.

Hope everyone else in the DC area has been faring OK (and warmly!) in the snowstorms...and if you're NOT around here, enjoy your normal weather!

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