Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why don't you like the things I like???

Future Husband has a few foods that he doesn't really like. I, however, love a few of them (or all of them). Here are a few:

Coconut (noticing a tropical fruit theme here?)
Overdoses of cilantro

I just got the summer Donna Hay magazine and EVERYTHING in it makes me crave summer. The recipes (nectarine and amaretti tarts, granita, pork tacos, horseradish mayonnaise, etc etc etc...), the photos (Cook Islands!), the articles (50 easy and fast recipes, which the magazine does every year)...everything.

This glimpse of deliciousness is only on the Web site or in the Australian version of the magazine. Cause it certainly wasn't in the one that showed up at my door today! But it looks scrumptious.

 (Donna Hay magazine)

Maybe it's just the gusty winds and 35-degree weather we've been having, but it seriously needs to be summer. Now. Not just so I can make yummy, summer-y dishes and desserts, but also so my ears and nose can survive the walks back and forth between my office and the metro station without getting frostbite.

Meanwhile, I'll be having a winter BBQ soon. Grilled chicken, maybe that nectarine and amaretti tart (the photo looked so delicious that I wanted to eat the paper and I'm pretty sure Future Husband wanted to do the same thing for the quick and easy pork recipes listed in the magazine). If I can find nectarines, that is.

And I have to find someone who will eat things off the list above with me. Because I found an eggplant, ricotta and basil pasta recipe that is begging to be made!

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