Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Lord help me.

With two months to go before the wedding, I should not be eating like this. My first dress fitting is four days away and I will be on a beach in 68 days. I'm sure I'll reflect like a mirror (from all those cold winter days when the sun didn't even deign to come out) and regret the days when I curled up with wine instead of going to the gym.

Oh well.

Anyway, there have been some seriously delicious meals coming out of my kitchen (thanks in part to Future Husband, who rescues me from any kitchen crisis).

I'm on a big Pioneer Woman kick - she is amazing! Her blog is hilarious and she always has sinfully delicious-looking recipes on it. So I tried a couple last weekend, and boy did they turn out good.

(Photo by the Pioneer Woman herself - Ree Drummond) 

1. Perfect Potatoes Au Gratin. And ohmygosh were they perfect. Full of cream and whole milk and cheese and DELICIOUSNESS. I highly recommend making them and eating them as soon as possible. You won't regret it. Two friends saw that I was making them and ALSO made them this weekend. Heavenly.

(Photo by Ree again)

2. Key Lime Pie. Sorta. This pie was gone within 48 hours of it being made. SO easy to make and nice and tart. I think this was part of my "I'm drinking white wine and eating summery foods" binge this past weekend. Ready for summer much? Yes.

I also did actually make the raspberry and ginger cheesecake from Donna Hay's most recent issue, but it called for gelatin and that was my downfall. Future Husband and I ended up combing through our slices of cheesecake for big chunks of unflavored, gelatinous goo. Nasty.

Donna's thai chilli sauce was awesome - really flavorful and just the right amount of spice to use over chicken, as a marinade, etc. We (well...Future Husband) marinated flank steak in it overnight and it was to die for. I could have eaten a whole cow marinated in that sauce. If Donna posts the recipe on her Web site, I'll post a link to it here. It's really easy to make and SO worth it. The only downside is the fish sauce - smells horrible.

Really really gross.

But worth it for that sauce.

I'm making another one of Donna's recipes for dinner tonight. Future Husband loves pork (as he told me last night when I said I wanted a teacup pig and he threatened to cure it and eat it - horrible, horrible man) and so I'm making sticky black pepper pork. YUM.

(Photo by Wiliam Meppem for Donna Hay)

Here's the recipe for anyone who wants it!
Hopefully my camera will be fixed soon (once I actually remember to take it in to be fixed) and I can actually start posting my own photos instead of pilfering photos off other Web sites.
Happy Tuesday!

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