Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cooking with Calphalon

Again, this is not an advertisement for Calphalon. But seriously - their Unison pots and pans are amazing. Simply AMAZING. I'm spoiled forever.

Since we decided this weekend would be our "stay in and get the apartment in order and relax before the wedding" weekend, we did a bit of cooking.

Friday night (which was the box unpacking, laundry and Calphalon night), we made breakfast for dinner. Except we ended up drinking Pimm's, beers, rose and a great pinot dinner was at 10 pm and a little buzzed. Just a little.

Future Husband made an egg scramble and I had a go at making a fancy version of egg in a frame.

Does anyone remember egg in a frame? My dad used to make it for me when I was a little kid and it sounded really good on Friday night. Especially because we had some parmesan and cheddar cheese left from other meals. So I thought I'd make egg in a frame the normal way - in the pan - and then sprinkle some shredded parm and cheddar on it and toss it under the broiler for a little bit.

Epic fail. The whole point of egg in a frame is to combine the bread/toast with a sunny side up egg. Apparently I cooked it too long in the pan and the time under the broiler cooked the yolk completely through. I even called my dad (and had my little sister wake him up) to make sure I was cooking it in the pan correctly. Sorry, Dad. Next time, can you just come cook this for me? Great. Thanks.

So Friday night was kind of a bust. Saturday held a lot of promise though! We had fajitas for lunch (so super easy to make and we already had the fajita fixin's) and Future Husband had beef marinating in the fridge.

Our goal for the night was to make steak frites. The steak wasn't an issue - Future Husband is a pro at cooking beef. The frites, however, were a challenge. We don't have a deep fryer and didn't know if we could get a true, crispy fry from pan-frying. We could not. But they still tasted really really good. Fried potatoes always do!

Future Husband had made garlic butter on Friday night for his eggs, so we used the rest of it for the frites. Plus more garlic to fry with them.

I got tasked with handling the fries, so Future Husband told me to slice them like McDonald's fries. Done.

He chopped the additional garlic and insisted that I take an "artsy" photo of the garlic with his knife. This also goes to show why I need Photoshop...and a dSLR. But the other photos without flash were just too dark. I think Future Husband just wanted to show off his fancy shun kaji knife, which I'm pretty sure he loves more than me.

So in the end they turned out like this...

Not crispy, but browned and delicious. Yum yum yum.

End result of the evening was this delectable meal...which Future Husband plated.

And now I'm going to the gym. For the next 3 days.

Happy Sunday!


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