Tuesday, May 4, 2010

That was quite a weekend...

So, Future Husband and I tied the knot this past weekend.

So now he's just Husband! Or maybe I can just call him Steve...since that's his name and all.

But it was an AMAZING weekend. Exhausting but amazing. We started the "weekend" by getting into San Antonio around midnight on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning commenced the gorging on Mexican food...particularly by Steve. I think he ate tacos for every other meal while we were there. Oh, and we got our marriage license that morning too. And then we lounged around, picked up tuxes and did all that kind of stuff. And then some of my grandmother's friends threw me a kitchen shower - I got three new cookbooks, cutting boards, muffin tins (which anyone who reads this blog knows I am SO EXCITED ABOUT) and all kinds of kitchen goodies. Steve and I are totally kitted out in the kitchen department. (Lamps, on the other hand? Art on the walls? Not so much. We're working on that.)

Thursday was insanity, between picking up friends at the airport (and more tacos), dinner and going out, NBA playoff games...busy day. Friday was more of the same with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner thrown in.

Saturday, however, was bliss. We both hung out with our respective friends, I drank champagne and Steve drank beer (and ate more tacos), and then we met up at the venue to do pictures. Seeing Steve all dressed up in his tux finally made it all very real. And the room looked AMAZING. Our rentals guy/florist did a truly amazing job.

And so did the caterer! SO many people came up and said that the food was far better than they expected - especially for wedding food. We started with roasted chicken wrapped in bacon with jalapenos and brie and apple berry chutney on baguette. After those yummy appetizers (which I barely even got to try!), we all sat down and started with a mixed green salad with asparagus, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and a basil pesto vinaigrette. I could have eaten a whole plate of just that. So. Delicious. For the main course we had beef tenderloin with a cabernet demi glace, shrimp in a lemon butter garlic sauce, mashed potatoes and a roasted tomato, stuffed with spinach and feta and resting on a bed of julienned summer squash.

The cakes were amazing too. Since Steve is big on wine, the groom's cake was a combination of his favorite things - chocolate and wine. Hmmm...that sounds suspiciously like some of MY favorite things too... His cake was dark chocolate with a layer of raspberry coulis and a dark chocolate buttercream frosting. And on top of it was another layer of cake cut into the shape of a wine bottle with a 1982 Chateau Margaux label on it. So perfect for Steve! The wedding cake was beautiful - white with green ribbon around the base of each tier (which was also polka dotted with bits of frosting). The cake itself was four tiers of vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream frosting. Needless to say...neither one lasted very long. I know some people didn't even get any cake. At all.

Heaven on a plate. I had previously told my coordinator that I could not be bothered during dinner and that she was supposed to run interference so I could actually sit down and enjoy that wonderful meal. Thankfully - I got to! And so did Steve.

I wish I had pictures, but I'm hoping to post a few of those soon.

Everyone danced and partied and had a great time at the wedding...maybe a little too much. One guy faceplanted off a three-foot ledge into some asphalt (resulting in a nasty-looking cut that he apparently couldn't feel...), one girl chipped her tooth on a champagne flute and our bartender got fired that night for drinking with guests, leaving the bar unattended and basically being...well...a bad bartender. I know a lot of people liked him, but dude! You know it's against the rules to drink on the job!

Oh well. Everyone had a great time and that was the main goal. Get hitched - check. Throw a freaking awesome party - check. Get guests drunk and out on the dance floor - check.

All in all, a success!

I'll leave you with a few quotes from that night.

"How old are you?"
"Oh. Awkward."

"You're hot. Want to come out with us tonight?"
"No. I'm not 21."

"I have a man crush on your brother."

"I want to adopt your parents."

Can't wait to see what the next wedding comes up with...check out www.bowiebride.com for a sneak peek! We'll be heading to LA in July to celebrate with Britt and Mike!

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