Friday, April 23, 2010

This whole "getting married" thing

It has taken over my life. Which isn't bad! It has just meant that I haven't really had the time (or energy or ability to keep my eyes open past 7:30 pm like a grandma) to post more frequently on the blog.

However! Things are slowing down and are pretty much confirmed with wedding stuff, so Future Husband and I are starting to have more free time. For about 3 days. And then we'll be off to Texas for the wedding (and more trying to keep our eyes open past 7:30 pm).

Last weekend I had the opportunity to break in my muffin pan. A family friend of Future Husband graciously gave it to us (read: me) as a wedding shower gift (along with her cookbook and a brownie pan - all commercial baking quality) and I'd been itching to try it out since then. I'd even solicited recipes from the foodies on Twitter and got some great recipes - applesauce muffins from former coworker and fellow Mizzou grad Addie Broyles (an awesome Austin food blogger!), cheesecake in muffin form and cherry tomato cornbread muffins from Mango & Tomato.....the list goes on. And Future Husband found a few recipes he wanted to try too.

And while those recipes are first on my list of stuff to make after the wedding, when I saw this recipe I had to try it immediately. And I knew my fellow snackers last weekend would love love love these...

(Photo from Instructables)

Yum. Car bomb cupcakes. Need I say more? Guinness cupcake + Jameson ganache (trust me, it's good) + Bailey's frosting = very sweet but AMAZING. They disappeared. Quickly.

That may or may not have happened because everyone was slightly, um, inebriated. But still. They disappeared nonetheless. (Note: They are not for kids. Really. Some of the alcohol doesn't cook off.)

They're not too difficult to make - just have a lot of steps. Instructables (where I got the recipe) takes you step by step for each component. Each part of the recipe was easy and I ended up breaking it up throughout the evening...made the cupcakes before dinner, let them cool. Made the ganache and frosting while Future Husband was cleaning up after dinner. Actually put the cupcakes together the next day.

My next task in the kitchen is MUCH more daunting than just breaking in my muffin tin. We just got this:

(Photo: Le Creuset)

Be still my beating heart. Future Husband and I are so excited about this we can hardly sit still. We talked about what to make in it at 6:10 this morning. So. Amazing. Definitely displaying it prominently in the kitchen. It's so beautiful! How could you not?

But I think we've decided that the first recipe should be boeuf bourguignon. After watching Julie & Julia, I'm apprehensive (but don't really plan on falling asleep on the couch while it cooks, so I should be fine). But it seems like the perfect way to welcome Le Creuset to our home! Plus...yum.

So now I just need to find a good, tried-and-true recipe.

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