Thursday, April 1, 2010

My slightly unhealthy kitchen design obsession

I have an obsession with kitchens. Perhaps it's because our apartment building is rather old and hasn't really been updated at all. I'm pretty sure our dishwasher is from 1982. And I can't change the yellowed cabinetry (probably using vinyl), the tile (probably vinyl as well) and the lighting (yikes! it's awful). So I think I obsess over beautiful kitchens, large and small, because I dream of the day I get to create a kitchen that I really love.

Here are some gorgeous kitchens that I'm saving for the day Future Husband and I do a kitchen remodel (no doubt about it - there'll be a remodel when we buy a house).

 (photo via Tracy at Comfort and Luxury)

Love love love the white marble counters with black cabinets. And the backsplash behind the stove! Classic and won't ever go out of style (unless beautiful white marble suddenly becomes a design faux pas...on that day I might cry a little tear...). Comfort and Luxury is definitely a favorite blog. I wish I had a fireplace so I could actually do something from Tracy's last post.

(photo by Eric Roth for New Old House Magazine)

(photo by Eric Roth for New Old House Magazine)

Words cannot express how much I love Steve and Brooke Giannetti's kitchen. Brooke blogs on Velvet & Linen and their home is BEAUTIFUL. While in Chagrin Falls this past weekend, I spotted some vintagey luggage in a French boutique and instantly thought of her posts on the luggage in their house. As frequent travellers, I think I can get Future Husband on board with the luggage-as-decoration idea. Maybe.

(image via Department of the Interior, who got it from Pretty Lovely)

I liked this kitchen so much I sent it to Future Husband when it came up on my Google Reader (thanks to Jenn at Department of the Interior, whose blog I love). Clean lines, lots of open counter space...I figured he would like it since there wasn't a lot of crap on the counters. I think he's even bothered by me keeping the KitchenAid mixer out on the counter. He's definitely not one for clutter. But I digress. I think I'm really drawn to the black cabinets and white counters - really like that right now. Am already deciding that I'll need to save my pennies for white marble countertops.

I couldn't find my favorite favorite favorite kitchen...if anyone knows who posted it, I'd love to have a link. It's a beautiful kitchen with a big island that has white tile extending probably 7 feet or so up the wall and then a yellow imperial trellis pattern above that. Gorgeous super high ceilings. And (of course, if I remember correctly since I can't find the photo) white marble counters with black cabinetry. The big attention-grabber for me was the separate bar area - Future Husband would LOVE that. But alas, I cannot find it.

Anyway...will try to be better about posting. And I'm still looking for that last kitchen photo, dammit.

Happy almost Friday!

Carrie :)

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  1. Thanks for the mention. That kitchen is still my favorite from this year!