Thursday, October 7, 2010

These cookies will change your life.

Okay, these are seriously the best cookies I've ever had.

Peanut butter and chocolate are great together, but these cookies take it to the next level.

Lindsay over at Love and Olive Oil posted this recipe a few days ago and I instantly knew it was jumping to the top of my list of things to make.

It combines this delicious mixture...

...with this... become this (aka the best cookie dough ever).


That coookie dough could only get better with the addition of these...

If you haven't had a dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cup yet, do yourself a favor and go get one. They are You will be addicted, but you won't be unhappy about it.

So all that becomes an even BETTER cookie dough - especially when you add bittersweet chocolate chips...

And then after a few minutes in the oven, you get this! Delicious, lovely, soft, incredibly addictive cookies.

I recommend making these cookies immediately. They definitely haven't helped my waistline but they really are the most perfect cookies ever.

Head over to Love and Olive Oil for the recipe.


  1. peanut butter & chocolate is my favorite combination of foods EVER. Thanks for sharing this, carrie. i am totally going to make these!!!!

  2. GARV, these look awesome! I want to make these SUPER badly! Thanks for sharing :)